Are you interested in projects in the field of renewable energies or projects that can make existing systems more efficient and thus reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions many times over?

Then TELOS Coin is the right place for you. The easy entry and favourable exchange rate make the currency suitable for all social classes - whether rich or poor. The operation of the Telos network consumes considerably less energy than the Bitcoin network and can even be completely covered by solar energy.

We have developed the Solminer for this purpose. You find details in addition on the side Solminer.de

The necessary hardware consumes 168x less than a comparable Bitcoin-Miner (considering the ROI to be achieved).

That alone should make you sit up and take notice. In addition, the whole thing can be operated 24 hours (with buffer battery) by a 160 W solar module.
And if the user then "voluntarily" converts parts of the yield into CO2 certificates, the whole thing is even CO2-neutral.