Currently we are working and testing and reworking the new Transcendence Dashboard which finally is the birth of what we had in mind for TELOS / Transcendence Projekt from day 1

So far it is:
A non custodial Multicoin Wallet
A messenger for community support request
A introduction to Proof of Storage set on top of TELOS
An atomic swap cross trading solution
A platform for 3rd Party BlockINS
Userprotection and extended security against hackers and phishing powered by AML-NOW

WTF are BlockINS ?
Good that you ask.
It is a word play on PlugIN and Blockchain.
We will release an SDK to create or embed/wrap existing Blockchain based Apps or services as BlockIN.
Inside the Dashboard will be an Appstore which allows to get more "free" or "paid" BlockINS
BlockINS will be added to the left MENU and add more features to the Wallet

Examples for BlockINS:
DEX: This 3rd-Party one allows you to connect to a DEX and launch dex hosted wallets for listed coins. You can trade, launch Trading Bots or do liquidity mining from within the wallet

AML-NOW: Manage your connected Apps and services utilising AML-NOW. Update your data locally and grant access on registration time.

Kryptobay: This BlockIN is a Marketplace allowing you to sell and buy goods with your cryptocurrencies

We will release one BlockIN per month in the middle and hope to inspire others to follow us and be creative. A listing in the Appstore costs nothing as long the BlockIN is free to use.