A big problem of our time are the constantly rising mountains of rubbish. Part of the blame lies with the fast-paced or rather short-lived nature of electronic products. With the BlockInsureMe card, ARES Computer offers a blockchain and product-independent warranty extension.

Prerequisite is that the products have been purchased from ARES Computer or on commission via Kryptobay.eu.
However, this is only due to legal hurdles, since it is a "warranty extension" of the manufacturer / dealer and not an insurance.

The whole thing works via the Transcendence blockchain with the payment method TELOS.
Depending on the card (there are 3 levels) you get different cashback, which instead of a fixed recurring contribution determines the coverage amount of a guarantee case. In addition, users receive a discount on products similar to club members. This means that future purchases benefit twice over.

The cards also have a QR code on which you can increase the price to cover repairs.

More at www.BlockInsure.me