The TELOS coin known from the Transcendence Blockchain Project is not simply a means of payment. With the linked projects around the TELOS like the Bluebox and the Solminer the TELOS is the only true climate neutral digital currency.

Users of the Bluebox (a 20W Mining and Masternode@home unit) can voluntarily convert parts of their rewards into CO2 certificates. To do this, you can freely select the desired share in the dashboard.

Power consumption Bluebox :20 W
Power consumption Whatsminer M20S: 3360W

168 Blueboxes consume as much as a single Bitcoinminer!

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Assuming 30cent / kWh electricity costs, today (07.May.2019) there is a monthly electricity bill of:
Bluebox: 4,03€
Bitcoinminer: 725,76€
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Thus, only Telos offers low-income and poor people access to share participation in blockchains.

The return in digital currencies (Bitcoin or Telescoin) would be with today's value according to Coinmarketcap (07.05.2019):
Bluebox: 58.57
Bitcoinminer: 404,69€

The profit per device would therefore be monthly (as of 07.05.2019):
Bluebox: 54,54€
Bitcoinminer: -321.07

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The acquisition costs:
Bluebox= from 349€
Bitcoinminer= 2098€

So you get 6 Blueboxes for the price.

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As you can easily see, the Bluebox consumes much less energy. In addition, the whole thing is even more climate-friendly as our users can exchange yields for CO2 certificates. A compulsion does not exist.

The Bluebox even makes profits in German regions. With rising exchange rate of the currency all the more.
The Bluebox can advertise 24 hours a day with a 160W solar panel and buffer battery.

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Bluebox users can spend part of the revenue on CO2 certificates.

So the future of payment will finally turn green.